Thursday, January 1, 2015

#8WTF Day 1

It's the end of Day 1, how did you do? What steps did you take to reach your goals?

I completed the first day of my Whole30.
Breakfast: Eggs, bacon, and avocado
Lunch: Hamburger patty topped with sauteed onions, portabello mushrooms, and Paleo mayo with                 sweet potato home fries on the side
Dinner: Citrus chicken over cauli-rice

I also drank my gallon of water, along with a ginger shot, and 4oz of water infused with Slim and Sassy. The most difficult part of my day was making myself eat first thing in the morning. I usually drink about three cups of coffee and go for a run before eating around 10am or so. This morning I got up and had half a cup of coffee with coconut cream while I cooked breakfast. After eating I waited about an hour and a half before getting in my workout.

Make sure and check in here or over on the Facebook page and let everyone know how you did!

Monica Ralls was the winner of the first prize.
Here is the list of all the gals and their goals. Good luck everyone!

January Nutrition Goal
February Fitness Goal
Vanessa Heath
Sugar detox, try Paleo
Run 5K without walking
Elizabeth Fisher
Sugar detox, count calories
Complete C25K
Celeste Ashcraft
Count calories, quit soda, eat more fruits/veggies
Work out 4 days a week
Monica Ralls
Sugar detox, count calories
Work out 5 days a week
Aurora Barbosa
Cook three new healthy meals a week
Lots of yoga
Kathy Smith
Start Trim Healthy Mama
Gym 3 times a week
Lindsay Branson
Run 2-3 days a week and run a sub 30min 5K
Kim Posey
Low carb/no sugar
Walk/jog 3 days a week in addition to basketball two days a week and do yoga on Saturdays
Reness Birchfield
Clean diet/reduced carb
Reaching daily FitBit goal, yoga or pilates everyday
Julie Kohl
Start Weight Watchers, watch portion sizes, avoid sweets
Workout three days a week and start running again
Ashley Smith
Whole30, gallon of water a day, ginger/wheatgrass shots
10 full body pushups, 8m run


  1. I slept really late so ate a late breakfast of 2 eggs and 3 slices of bacon. For dinner had turkey breast with some purple hull peas, got a craving for something sweet so had an Atkins peanut butter cup treat. I did 2o minutes on the elliptical, 2x 60sec planks and 50 crunches. I'm 80z away from drinking a gallon of water!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. It is fresh ginger juice, lemon juice, and cayenne pepper. It will seriously wake you up!

  3. Yay mee....thanks! Ashley I'm still looking for a sugar detox that works for me! However I bought lots of fruits, I knew they have sugar too but not as much a lil debbie or soda,right?