Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My 8WTF Goals

Today is the last day to sign up and declare your goals for the 8 Weeks To Fit program! Tomorrow is the big day! I'm beyond excited! Like using an exclamation point for everything excited. You are just lucky i'm not talking in all caps!

Before I post the roster of participants and their goals, I thought I would lay my own out for you. You didn't think I wasn't going to join in did you? I am a constant work in progress. My diet has gotten way off track in the past few months and I have some fitness goals that I really want to accomplish.

For January, I am taking on a Whole30. If you are new to the Whole30 go ahead and click on the link to read about it. Basically it means no grains, no added sugar, no dairy, and no alcohol for 30 days. Bummer. But oh so good for your system. I also plan on drinking a gallon of water a day, and taking shots of the following: Slim & Sassy infused water, wheatgrass, and  a ginger cayenne lemon concoction.

The thing about setting goals is that if you don't have a plan, you are much more likely to not reach them. This is my arsenal of tools to reach my January nutrition goal. I've got It Starts With Food, the book that originally detailed the Whole30. My Whole30 folder, compiled of internet printouts and recipes. A BPA free plastic gallon jug for my water with appropriate reminders about how far along I should be in my water drinking during the day. A bottle of Slim & Sassy from doTerra to curb sugar cravings. Wheatgrass shots made fresh by a local gentleman. And finally a big box of ginger ready to go in the juicer to be made into shots.

My February goal is very simple. Complete 10 full body pushups. I was able to do 5 before I had surgery. I'm slowly working my way back to them and my goal is to be able to knock out 10 with no problem by the end of February. I also need to complete an 8 mile run. I haven't done that since before surgery either.

Stop giving up, keep going!
I'll be posting on Instagram and Facebook daily about my progress that day. Remember....progress not perfection! Don't give up because of one bad day. And when you are feeling like you just can't stick to your plans, seek out help. Go to the Facebook page or troll Pinterest for some inspiration. And don't forget to tag all your social media with #8WTF!

Good luck!

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