Sunday, September 26, 2010

Redemption Run Update

Well did I do it?

Yes and no.

I ran solo on Friday morning. 6 miles even in 56:57.

I planned on 7 miles but it was storming pretty bad about the time I went to start my run. I waited 20 minutes in my truck and finally took off after the worst passed by. So I feel okay with the 6, especially since I had almost already talked myself out of running at all due to the weather.

I'm going to call it a win.

Speaking of....Champion is such an amazing company that I managed to get in on their giveaway and win a brand new sports bra! Go me. Interestingly enough, I just bought one of their bras a few weeks ago and have abandoned my Enelle's for these new Champion ones that totally rock my socks. Or my boobs if you want to be more specific.

Also, I'm thinking I will shortly be in the market for new running shoes. That or some glucosamine supplements. The knees are getting kind of achey so that means either my shoes are wearing out or I need something extra in my routine or diet. Any recommendations on shoes? I usually wear Asics but am willing to try something new.

And since I've been in a funk and have the creaky knees to deal with I am taking a running break until Tuesday. That's only three days off but its the longest I've gone between runs since May. Hopefully I'll have fresh legs and a happy outlook come then.

Happy Running!


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  2. it's awesome to find a bra that supports us in a way that is comfortable!