Sunday, August 1, 2010

People Asked If We Were Crazy. They Had A Point.

Hello all! Race recap for ya from That Dam Night Run 2010 at DeGray Lake.

I am disappointed to say the least. If you remember my previous 5K was run in 26:52. I was hoping to better this time by at least a minute. This course was mostly flat and downhill and was supposed to be very fast. Hmpf.

The temperature was 100 degrees at 8pm when the race was scheduled to start. I don't think it actually started until around 8:30. So I am guessing the temp was about 99 degrees by then. Sounds a little insane to be running in that heat, right? Right. But it was only a 5K and I can run twice that amount without a problem. I hydrated all day long and was prepared to deal with the heat. Or so I thought.

The first two miles were fine and dandy. I kept a steady pace once I made my way out of the traffic. Clocking 9:30 exactly at mile one and 17:48 at mile two. About mile 2.75 the nausea set in. It was too hot! I pushed myself up a small hill, expecting the finish to be just below. It wasn't. That got inside my head. I finally gave into a walk break for 20 seconds and then picked my ass back up to finish. I never did get that second wind that is usually guaranteed with me and running.

Anyways here are the results:

Official time of 28:05
123 out of 401 female runners.
14th in my age division of 25-29 year olds.

There were about 850 runners total. Amazing too me! This was also my first chip timed race which I thought was super cool.

My running buddy Phyllis beat her previous 5K time coming in at 28:26. She placed 13th in her division. Way to go Phyllis!

A few race pics for ya!

This one is funny! I had already taken my walk break and picked it back up,
I was about a quarter mile from the finish.

Waiting to get my chip cut off and dying for water.

Post race with Phyllis, standing in the giant sprinkler, acting silly from
the giddiness of racing!

We did it! 100 degrees and we didn't puke or pass out.

My next race will be in cooler weather. You can count on that. We ended the night at Buffalo Wild Wings because beer and wings are a great way to celebrate.

Here is to all the runners who ran That Dam Night Run 2010 at DeGray Lake! Congrats to all and I hope to see you next year. I also hope for a freak cold front.


  1. Oh my, that is HOT weather! You did great! Remember that the higher temperatures do affect running performance and the fact that you didn't puke is always is a good thing! Congrats!

  2. great job! that is crazy hot!

  3. So glad you didn't puke......but that is some crazy heat! Night races are tough for me, i like to get up and get it over with. Congrats!

  4. Waaay to hot. I love that last picture. You look so proud of yourself. :)