Monday, July 26, 2010

9 Miles In and it's Only Tuesday...Wait, it's Monday???

  • Wooohoooo! Super duper awesome 6.3 mile run on Monday morning. 1 hour exactly. Longest I have ever ran in my life! Phyllis is the perfect running partner. No, you can't have her.
  • 3 miles in intervals this morning, hill walking and strength training tomorrow. Longish (maybe 4-5 miles) run on Wednesday. Two days of rest to follow.
  • Cause ya know what? ------ The Dam Night Run is on Saturday! Hoop hoop! So excited for this 5K. It will be my first chip timed race, they supposedly have a great afterparty is all downhill!
  • Hopped on the scale this morning. 130.5lbs even. Well that goal wasn't hard to reach. What do I set if for now?
  • I had three pieces of Squash Pie for dinner. 120 calories a piece. Does anyone want the recipe? Southern savory cooking at its best.
  • Also, someone got mentioned in a little list of running blogs on a great site called Traxee. Check it out, yo.


  1. my goodness woman! thats a 5lb weight loss in, what, 3 weeks???

  2. I love this post! You totally inspired me to get my butt moving this week! Congrats on the weight loss! You will love the night race, and chip timers are the best.

    I would LOVE the recipe for squash pie. Sounds yummy!

  3. Congrats, woman! Be careful that you don't shrink too much. Maintaining weight is also a challenge...

  4. Navy Wife...yep, but the previous weight was during the dreaded monthly PMS and of course I was retaining water. So after all that was over and I had a good eating week I weighed myself and low and behold! Woop woop!

    Thanks all! Squash pie recipe to follow.

  5. Congratulations! Hope to get your treadmill feature out tonight!

  6. That 5K sounds like awesome fun! You'll totally rock it.

    Congrats on your weight as well - you must be totally delighted!