Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Planning Ahead

A few posts ago, I was lamenting about where to go from here. What to do. How to maintain.

I love this calorie intake calculator. And I also really like the idea of calorie cycling. I think I've been doing calorie cycling all along by having cheat days and then really low cal days. Anyways, I plugged in all the numbers and got myself a schedule that falls between weight loss and maintenance. I really like it and when I weighed myself this week, I was down another half pound.

Many of you suggested I set another goal. Great advice! I signed up for another 5K and am planning on signing up for a 10K in November. I have a great running partner now and we have a set weekend date for a long run. Long for me anyways. I don't know about her but right now 5 miles is long. I'm hoping I can increase it up to 7 or 8 miles before the 10K. And...if the 10K goes well and life cooperates then I really think I want to attempt to train for the Little Rock Half-Marathon. But that isn't until March. Plenty of time to figure it all out.

I read an interesting little article in Women's Health last night about how to order fast food, healthier. Every other weekend, we find ourselves on the road at dinner time on Friday night and Sunday night. Like clockwork, we have no choice but to eat out twice a weekend, every other weekend. And we're not talking sitting down and eating. No time for that, and I'm not a huge fan of dining out with cranky, road tired children. So we grab something and hit the road again to get home as quickly as possible.

The article gave a few good suggestions:

  • At Pizza Hut you can order any pie "fit and delicious". They give you extra sauce and veggies and only half the cheese. I don't know about you but I freakin love pizza!

  • Popeyes offers "naked chicken" on sandwiches and salads. Saves you about 100 calories over fried. But I love Popeyes fried chicken. Especially the super spicy kind. I'll try this though when I know I need a light day and I'm traveling and the husband insists on this Southern favorite.

  • We love Subway (kids included) and evidently you can order any sandwich as a salad and save up to 520 calories depending on the size and type of the sandwich.

  • Starbucks will give you an 8oz. drink if you ask for it short and this will save major calories depending on your poison. They will also add protein powder and according to the magazine article, theirs is only 30 calories a scoop.

  • And at numerous burger joints you can order a veggie burger or sandwich and it comes without the patty. Or order it protein style and get the sandwich without the bun. I wouldn't do either of these. I like my protein and carbs. But just an FYI.

I personally love Taco Bell and their Fresco menu. I know you could order like this at the Bell forever but they are finally advertising it and listing calorie counts and such on the menu. I can eat like three tacos for dinner and not go over my limit!

What do you order in a pinch on the road?


  1. does Subway still have the Sweet Onion Teriyaki sub? I dont go to Subway very often, but I used to order that as a salad all the time. Its excellent with cucumbers and green peppers

    My biggest guilty pleasure is an order of honey chipotle chicken strips from Papa Johns. Unfortunately, there is no healthy swap-out for these! Not that I'd want it!

  2. I try to stick with Subway when I'm out and about. Now I have a restaurant calorie guide on my Iphone. So I try to go to a place that's listed and order low calorie choices.

    I'm using myfitnesspal.com for my calorie counting. I absolutely LOVE it.

  3. Signing up for the 10K is an awesome idea! You will do great! I usually order a grilled chicken sandwich or do Subway when we have to make it fast. With 5 kids, fast is the only way we eat out right now : )

  4. I rarely eat on the go just because a) I'm too lazy to think of healthy alternatives b) I fear fast food and c) I'm a cheapskate. That said, I'm craving Subway big time now!