Thursday, July 1, 2010

Morning Report & June Miles

Good morning!

Today is a cross training day and by cross training I mean 5 loads of laundry and deep cleaning my house. A girl has to improvise!

My June miles total.........54.37.

I am quite sure that is the most miles I have ever ran in one month. I'm getting there folks. I almost feel legit now.

Yesterday was a quick 3 mile treadmill run. Tomorrow will be another of the same. Saturday morning will start at 6am with another 5 miler with Phyllis. I hope I'm not as hobbled after this one as I was after the last one.

I've put chia seeds in my smoothies the past two mornings. I also snuck some in the spaghetti I fed the family last night. They never even guessed. Although they did scoff at the asparagus but they still ate it. As long as it is covered in red sauce and cheese they will eat it.

Hope everyone has a wonderfully happy and healthy day!


  1. Oh, gosh. At first I read that as you snuck some spaghetti into your smoothie, lol. And ew! I was like, what is this girl thinking :P

    Mmmmm, red sauce and cheese.

  2. You are awesome-I'm loving this blog of yours. My mileage for June was PATHETIC - only 33 miles. But you are gonna inspire me for July, girl!