Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How My Day Got Better

Today's run SUCKED!

Honestly. No joke. Major suckage.

I waited until noon to run on the treadmill. Errands and doc appointments kept me from getting it done at 7am as usual. And as usual, a middle of the day run was terrible for me. I made it 1.75 miles before calling it quits. I had no energy. I had not eaten in almost 5 hours, my legs were lead. I hopped off and did some quick SparkPeople videos. Specifically the Butt Ball Workout, 6 Minute Upper Body Ball Workout, and the 15 Minute Abs Workout.

Once that was done I made myself a sandwich and had some super yummy dark chocolate with espresso beans and felt much better. I think I just needed some food!

About 2pm my doorbell rang. Mr. FedEx man had dropped a package at my front door and to my delight it was my long awaited FREE pair of Asics! A while back I won a gift certificate from Run Like A Mother and my shoes finally came.

Look at these beauties! So clean and shiny. It was totally time for a new pair cause I think I had about 400+ miles on my old pair. They will now be my running around town when I'm not actually running shoes. I can't wait to take these new Asics out for a run. It was a great little pick me up to get these right after a really sucky run day.

On a side note, I bought some chia seeds and some quinoa today. Recipes and suggestions please!


  1. chia in oatmeal - yummy!

  2. I love the new shoes! : ) I put my chia seeds in yogurt with granola or fruit, yummy!

  3. New shoes, woohoo!!

    That Butt Ball workout sounds interesting, I'll add it to my routine today.

    Not sure about Chia other than to add them to your smoothies. As for quinoa, I've cooked a ton of recipes with it and they've been alright, nothing special to recommend.