Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random Things Thursday

This stuff? This stuff is goooood!
I had a serving yesterday and one today. None of this eating the whole bar in one sitting thing. That is the old Fat Girl. Although I would still like to, I now know better.

Other randomness, I made some hummus this morning. Cause I LOVE hummus! And its so easy. I grabbed some parsley from the garden, threw it in the food processor with a bit of olive oil. After that was chopped, in went a can of chickpeas, a quarter cup of tahini butter, two tablespoons garlic, some cumin and salt and a half cup of lemon juice. Got that a going and slowly added two more tablespoons olive oil while the machine was doing its thing. Presto! Amazing hummus at home.

We have a tiny natural food store locally. I checked it out yesterday and was pretty impressed with the selection. That is where I got the chia seeds (which I put in a smoothie this morning) and the quinoa. Last night I made a dish of quinoa, shrimp, and baby portabellos. So yummy! I also got the the Endangered Species chocolate there. I will be going back when the pocketbook allows.

Today was supposed to be a rest day but I can't even seem to rest on my rest days anymore. I walked at a fast pace and an incline for 40 minutes on the treadmill then did two Polly Yoga Videos. That is what I am calling them now. I seriously want to meet Polly. She is a happy happy person. Her good karmic energy is evident even on a computer screen. I wish I could attend one of her classes.

Speaking of yoga, I really want to start going to the classes we have local, but the money and babysitting options are a major hurdle to overcome. I could probably afford it but then I still have to drive the 15 miles one way to get there and find someone to watch my 3 kids. Not an easy task. I guess its better to be frugal and practice yoga at home until Fall. Maybe it will be easier once the older two go back to school.

And on the topic of things I want but don't need. A road bike. How cool would that be. I know biking burns major calories and it just looks like lots of fun. I'm betting I've got another few years of sticking with this fitness thing before a bike is even close to being an option.

I feel very rambly and restless today. Must be the espresso beans in my chocolate!


  1. sounds like you are in a good place

  2. do you have a netflix account? I love streaming their yoga and pilates videos. There is a candlelight yoga that I did throughout my pregnancy.

    that chocolate looks super delicious.

  3. Hi thanks for falling me, I'm now following you. I look forward to reading...

  4. That chocolate really looks good. Might have to try to track some of that down as a post-run reward.

    Thanks for the link to the Polly Yoga videos. May have to give those a try. I had just started adding yoga to my training mix when my foot started acting up, but hopefully I'll be back to where I can give it another shot soon. Ordered a book and DVD for doing it at home, but never thought to do a search on YouTube. Short and sweet routines ... the best kind.