Monday, June 21, 2010

It Almost Got Me

Today has, well. Just well.

I did 3 miles on the treadmill. Then two SparkPeople videos. These are super convenient but they feel very effective. I did the 6 minute Butt Blaster and the Beginner Abs Workout on the ball. I wanted to do the Upper Body Ball workout but since the husband let me sleep in I was running out of time.

After that we loaded up and went to the river. It took ALL day. We didn't get home until 5. I was spent. The kids were cranky. The husband left to go close our store up.

Not long after that and right in the middle of one my darling daughter's ten minute long screaming tantrums, a wine bottle exploded in the kitchen.

Followed shortly by my head.

My husband has been making wine. Usually the top just pops. This time it burst out the side. Glass and peach wine everywhere. I cleaned that up, fending off the screaming 2 year old. She was totally wiped out and in full on freak out mode so I took her to bed. When I got in her room I noticed a huge pink stain on her cream colored carpet. Cherry Limeade Sunkist soda. I don't buy this crap. I certainly don't give it to the kids. Now it is in the carpet.

I cleaned up this mess, ya know after cleaning up a gallon of wine off my counters, appliances, and wood floor. All the while fuming over the person who caused it all. No my husband didn't spill the soda but he did buy it and give it to a 2 year old without a sippy cup. He also concocted all this wine in my kitchen. So I'm laying the blame on him.

And all through this, the girl is still screaming.

I really really really wanted a cigarette.


Oh, you didn't know I quit smoking just three weeks ago?

Yeah. Shameful, I know. You can't smoke and run. At least not well.

Smoking is the complete opposite of leading a healthy lifestyle. I know that. I wasn't a heavy smoker, no more than 3-4 a day. But much more if I was drinking. I am proud to say though that I think, no I know, I AM DONE.

So instead of thinking about smoking during an extremely stressful episode, and instead of raiding the ice cream in the fridge, and instead of stepping outside and screaming at the top of my lungs, I did yoga.

I was really sore and tight today so I thought I would try Polly's Yoga For Runners short 10 minute video.

It was the perfect thing. I feel loose, calm, and centered. I know that I won't always be able to resort to yoga during apocalyptic moments but tonight it was a lifesaver.

How do you handle stress?


  1. Oh, honey, I had NO idea you'd just quit smoking! You should've said something, it is HAAAAAARD, trust me ... I've been quit for almost 7 months now and it's sometimes a struggle still, especially when I'm super stressed or drinking with smokers.

    That said, GOOD FOR YOU. Seriously, quitting was the best thing you'll do for yourself in this lifetime. Colin still smokes and I've come to realize that it's a very selfish habit, especially if you have kids looking up to you. Every time I crave a cigarette I think of all the time I used to spend outside puffing away as they looked out at me, their female role model. I do it for them first and me second :)

    I quit waaay before I started running so I've never really known the difference but I can only imagine the effect it would have on your lungs :|

    Keep on with the exercise and yoga for sure. I find that the SparkPeople kickboxing workout is a good one to get some anger and aggression out but I'm also looking for a few (longer) ones.

  2. Love that you turned to Yoga instead of the ciggies. I always turn to food when my kids are screaming and I'm having a crap day, I will have to try the yoga next time.
    Love this blog by the way, it is inspiring to get out and do stuff along with Jens. I even got up and walked the dog before anyone was up today!!

  3. wow, yoga? That is awesome. I think most people DEFINITELY would've raided the fridge/freezer - or even caved for the cigs at that point.

    You. Are. Awesome.

    I struggle with the fact that my Sailor smokes. I hate it. They have such a hold over him that he literally cannot function without them. To him, life isn't worth living without a cigarette and thats infuriating to me.

    But reading others' success stories gives me hope. Hope that ONE DAY my husband wont come to bed with ashtray breath. And I wont be stuck waiting for him to finish a cigarette every time we go somewhere. And that he'll stop wasting so much money on slow suicide.
    (Can you tell I'm a bit bitter?)
    But really, thanks for giving me hope that its possible.