Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fat Girl Loves Mail

Look what came in the mail today!!!
Dimity from the book/blog Run Like A Mother sent
me a nifty little sticker to go with the Asics Gift Certificate I won last week.
This totally made my Saturday a little brighter.
I took a break today. I've worked out everyday this week.
Today I just cleaned the house...hardcore.
I'm running in the about you?


  1. I've been wanting Dimity's book for the longest time and I WILL buy it this week. I love that site and like how those two gals write (and run, of course).

    Found you on "Say Anything" and looking forward to reading about your running (I never get tired of reading about how morning runs are hard. I just know if I don't get mine in then, I don't run that day)! Happy running!

  2. Katie, I ordered the book and should have it Monday. So excited!!!!

  3. I was a fat girl too, till I started running three years back. Now, I am a healthy girl!

    Clicked across from Dee's blog, and will be back for more.