Monday, May 24, 2010

Confession #2

I have yet to run a race.

You would think by now, after graduating C25K in January and beginning to increase my miles that I would have at least done a 5K. You would think. But you would be wrong.

The main issue for me has been location. I live in a very rural area and the closest races this year have been at the very least a two hour drive. Now that in itself isn't so bad. Finding childcare during the race is bad. My husband works irregular hours and I just haven't made it a point to coordinate my life enough to enter a race.

I know I can finish a 5K. I don't know what I can do it in. I'm sure the adrenaline will help and of course it's going to be a PR for me because it will be my very first. But I am super excited to even have the chance to do it.

Can you tell by my grin?

Here I am with my very first race entry form! Completed and ready to be returned. I've got until June 5th to prepare for my FIRST 5K! I am amped, pumped, over the moon, you name it.

Any suggestions for a first timer?


  1. Yeah!!!! That is so exciting :)

  2. Very exciting! My advice, start out slow. Your adrenaline will be pumping. Get your rhythm down then pick up the pace. And have fun!!!

  3. Proud of you! You will do great! You have trained and worked so hard to get where you are plus that rockin body for goodness are dedicated and an inspiration to many people, including me. Go show em' what you can do lady!

  4. I've been racing for years, and I STILL start out too fast! Listen to what your body has to say, start out slow (really need to pay attention to my own advice) and then pick it up at the end. You'll do GREAT!