Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't Let The Guilt Get Ya Down

Yesterday's post was all about eating healthy and well and for your taste. I was slated to come in right around 1280 calories including my after dinner snack of strawberries, and guess what? The dreaded nighttime munchies got the better of me.

I had a serving of chips and salsa (would have eaten more but a serving was all that was left of the tortilla chips), and then I couldn't possibly stop there. Now that my mouth was on fire I decided what better way to cool it down than with some yummy ice cream. Two mammoth scoops of butter pecan ice cream later and I had finally silenced the munchie monster. And then....well then of course I was mad at myself for blowing all my hard work. I was angry at my lack of self-control. Then I said, "Self, you did run 3.75 miles this morning, maybe you were really just hungry and not binge eating."

Which brings me to my point. I tried really hard not to be mad at myself this morning when I woke up. I tried really hard not to let the guilt get me down. Because today is another day. A new chance. I was up bright and early mapping out my day. Running was out due to torrential flooding and continuous downpours, I know Lindsay over at Healthy Stride likes running in the rain and I do too, but I didn't think Stella would much appreciate being pushed in the jog stroller through a monsoon. So instead I did an hour of yoga and planned my eating for the day. Because today...I am back in control. The guilt isn't getting to me, honest to goodness that one bowl of ice cream isn't going to ruin all my work. An indulgence is just that, and is perfectly fine and part of a healthy diet.

Everything in moderation is a mantra of mine. Along with mind over matter. I know I am capable of anything as long as I set my mind to it. The mental blocks are the hardest.

Do you have a mental block keeping you from achieving your goals? What do you do to let go of the guilt when you have an "ooops slip up" moment?


  1. You're so, so right. Everything in moderation is going to be my new mantra because life is truly about variety and all of the colours of the rainbow. I find that forbidding myself of something only makes for a bender of that item down the road.

    For example, you probably know that I quit eating meat. Well, then I decided to start eating it again in moderation because somehow I lost so, so much energy to workout without some animal protein and started gaining pounds ... and I went on a total meat bender, it was not pretty.

    But now I'm leveled out and ready for a life of moderation and no deprivation for whatever reason.

    Wow ... my blogging hiatus is causing me to write posts in other people's comment boxes, lol.



  2. I agree moderation is all things! Great post :)

  3. Awesome post! I used to let this bother me, too (and sometimes still do). But, now I realize that I am training hard and my body needs the extra calories. It is tough to remember that sometimes though! don't feel guilty! Good for you for getting up and starting over!

  4. great post. We all slip up. The victory is in not letting slip become a fall that we can't get up from.