Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Let's Talk Ta-Tas

I was born or blessed or cursed with a quite large set of boobies. One minute I love them, the next can't stand 'em. But it doesn't really matter whether I like my breasts or not, they are there and not going anywhere.

So when I jumped on the exercise bandwagon they were one of the first things on my mind. Quite literally in fact, because exercising without fully supported tatas hurts. Bad. Very bad. Not to mention, it is kind of embarrassing. No one wants to see that kind of mess moving about. And I actually read last night that the average breasts moves up and down a full 8 inches if you are running. Yikes!

When I got serious enough about running that the two sports bra method wasn't cutting it, I did some research. And I landed at Enell. The reviews alone sold me, even if the price was a little scary. As luck would have it, I got on the trusty old standby, E-Bay, and located some factory seconds. I was able to score two white Enell bras in my size for $70. One bra on their website runs $64. I was prepared for these factory seconds to have flaws, but I was pleasantly disappointed. There was some small discoloration on one and the other one I could never find a thing wrong with. Enell's standards must be very strict for what they will sell. Their product is exceptional and their customer service is outstanding.

Now, let me just say...these aren't pretty bras. You won't be wearing one of these babies without a shirt. They also come up pretty far in the front and have wide straps. I've found a few sleeveless shirts I can wear with them but most running tanks are out, including racerbacks.

What they lack in appearance they more than make up for in function. My ladies have never been more supported and every bit of backache I used to experience during a run is gone. Enell did not pay me for this little spiel. Enell has no idea who I am. I just absolutely love this bra! I want any woman who thinks her breasts are too large to exercise to know that there is a solution.

Do you have a favorite sports bra? Please share in comments so that readers of all sizes have access to our most favorite and most personal piece of running gear.


  1. Why can they not make a good lookin' sports bra for larger boobies? I wonder that? I run in Fruit of the Loom high intensity sports bras. They work well for me.

  2. Lol! I just broke down and bought a sports bra that isn't a bra. it is for fashion purposes only (hot pink). No support whatsoever. However, I have the exact opposite problem. No ta-ta's. I don't need the support. I wish i had some boobies to support : )

  3. My big-boobed sis swears by Champion jogbras. I, however? Could wear bandaids and be fine. *sigh*

  4. Excited to know what you use but, dang! $70?!

    I've been doubling up and it's ok. Using a Addidas built it tank with a really tight nike sports bra. I would really prefer to reduce movement more though.

    Had a Champion molded cup for awhile and it worked really well, you should have seen me try to get it off though- I about dislocated my shoulder one time.

  5. <<< This girl loves her Moving Comfort bras. And they actually have cute-ish ones. However, I stick to function and use the maya design. I love that Moving Comfort go up to an E size! While I dont need one that big, some women might. Especially if they're nursing or at the very start of their weight-loss journey.

    Most other sports bras are like slingshots, in my opinion. I'll have to check out Enell though.

  6. running is the *only* time i'm glad my girls aren't bigger than they are. oh well.