Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Catching Up and Weekly Check-In

1-12-15 Eats:
Breakfast- leftover salmon and eggs
Lunch- leftover chicken legs
Dinner- fried oysters (made with coconut flour) and sweet potato fries

1-13-15 Eats:
Breakfast- smoked salmon, avocado, and fried eggs
Lunch- turkey, avocado, remoulade' lettuce sub
Dinner- Cracklin' Chicken, steamed veggies and half a sweet potato

1-14-15 Eats:
Breakfast- bacon and salad eggs with hot sauce
Lunch- turkey, bacon, avocado, remoulade' schmaleo sub
Dinner- Slow Cooker Chicken and Gravy with mashed cauliflower
After Dinner Snack- cut up banana, almond butter, toasted coconut flakes

I've really slacked on my water intake the past few days. I've gotten almost all the way once, the other few days I've only drank about half a gallon. I have had my oils in the morning and my ginger shot. And of course on Day 14 of my Whole30 I'm feeling pretty damn awesome.

The kids and I are headed out of town on an impromptu mini-vaca, and I'll be eating out. But lucky me, Northwest Arkansas has plenty of options for finding clean food. Meet you back here in a few days. In the meantime make certain and post your weekly update. The more you participate the more likely you are to win prizes!

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