Sunday, January 4, 2015

#8WTF Day 4

What are you doing to track your goals? And I say goals because none of us are rarely easy on ourselves and just pick one goal. We must do this and this and also this. In order to not beat myself up on the days that fall a bit short, I keep a log. It reminds me of the big picture. The long term. Progress not perfection.

As you can see the last few days I've fallen short on my water intake. And today I didn't get my oils or my ginger shot. No excuses. I'll do better tomorrow. Hopefully at the end of the month I can say I drank a gallon of water 25/30 days. A few days here and there are nothing to stress about. The Whole30 goal isn't flexible though. Whole30 requires strict adherence to produce results. It requires research, planning, and commitment. I made cupcakes with frosting for my daughter and had to remember really hard not to lick any wayward frosting. Yay for me!

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  1. Awesome WillPower!!
    I'm using an app called Lose it! Tracks my calorie intake & exercise.
    I had my mind set not to workout today (legs are sore) but the hubs said lets go for a run so out we went in this 29*weather!! Brr was it cold!

  2. I really need to track my progress and goals like that. Great advice and motivation! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I'm using my Fitbut to track calories in vs calories out, exercise, steps, water intake and sleep pattern. Loving it!