Saturday, October 9, 2010

New Kicks

I ran 8.1 miles (1:18:36) yesterday in my new Brooks Ghost 3's. It was like running on the backs of sheep, or baby butts, or clouds if you really want to be cliche. Longest run to date and the shoes were awesome.

The really cool thing is that I ordered them from Apparently when you buy Brooks gear from them right now you get registration into Brooks Run Happy University (nifty little site) and a New Runners Pack from Brooks. I am waiting on mine but it is supposed to include some tech socks, body glide, Gu products and other information. Cool, huh?

The 8 miles were mostly uneventful. I worked on slowing my pace so I didn't burn out too quick and we hit 5 killer hills. We took three walk breaks during the first 3.5 miles but none the last 4.5. Isn't that weird? It is so difficult for me to warm my body up but once I do I feel like I could go forever.

Any suggestions on how to warm up more efficiently?

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  1. Not only do I own the same shoes, I own the same color as well. We have good taste. :)