Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Embrace the Tomato

As a kid I was not fond of tomatoes unless they were garden fresh, icebox cold, and covered in salt.

But yesterday and again today, I deliberately put tomatoes on my sandwich. After years of picking them off every fast food burger, deli sandwich, and Italian style pizza. My BLT's were always just BL's. Don't get me wrong, I love some marinara sauce, and spaghetti, and you know my adoration for SALSA. I just didn't like tomatoes in their purest form.

I've come around folks. Tomatoes and I are now fast friends. As is the case with beans (which I previously loathed), SALSA (I never hated but didn't really care for it), fruit in general (it always seemed like too much work) and multitudes of other good for you eats. Just yesterday I snagged a recipe for Squash Pie that looks amazing and I can't wait to show you. Fair warning it also involves sausage and Parmesan cheese but hey! no crust so lower in carbs than regular pie, right?

And just to prove how head over tomatoes I am about SALSA, here is what I've had the past two days. Breakfast both days was scrambled eggs and white with cheddar cheese, sour cream, SALSA, and extra hot sauce. Dinner was grilled chicken breast topped with SALSA. I was sad that I couldn't put salsa on my sandwich today at lunch but will surely make up for it at dinner by eating something and SALSA!

What do you find yourself eating since adopting a healthy lifestyle that you previously didn't care for?

P.S. You could totally play a drinking game with this post and the word SALSA!


  1. Funny, I'm the opposite. I love tomatoes but have never been crazy about red sauce.

    Mine would be spinach. I never really liked it, but it "good for" certain health issues. So I started eating it once a week or so. I guess I acquired a taste for it. :)

  2. I'm a tomato feign - will add them to anything possible and buy a vine full almost every other day. That said ... the thought of eating a tomato like an apple? Hmmm, nah.

    Salsa. I friggen adore salsa. I want to make make and jar my own salsa this year. I could live on salsa *drink four times*

    I don't know ... I like what I like. I don't think I have any food aversions or anything that took awhile to get used to. Maybe tea though ... I still despise tea but I know it's so good for you so I try in that department for wellness purposes only.