Saturday, June 5, 2010

5K Race Recap

Well folks, today Fat Girl ran her first ever 5K.
The Lum N Abner 5K.
28 runners.
80 degrees (if not more)
100% humidity (i'm making that up but it felt like it)
I had three goals for this race:
1. Finish in at least 30 minutes
2. Do not walk
3. Do not die
I accomplished two of those. I did not die and I made it to the finish in at least 30 minutes. Sadly though I took three walking breaks (one for every mile I guess) of about 10-15 seconds a piece. Enough to catch my breath and haul ass again.
Cause guess what?
I was the second female across the finish line. I placed second in my age division (17+ pretty big division if you ask me) with a time of........26:52! I got a medal too! I think I was beat by a girl still in high school who must run track. She looked very young and was very fast. Overall I placed 12th out of the 28 runners.

My mom and my oldest kiddo were waiting for me at the finish. Didn't get any good pics of me running but here I am after crossing the finish line. Don't worry, I didn't immediately collapse, but it was pretty hot and I sat down on the cool grass in a hurry.

My buddy Phyllis who came in 18th (just like her bib number) with a time of 28:28! Go Phyllis!

My oldest guy who was cheering me on. He's proud of his mommy
and says he wants to run a marathon. I bet he can some day.
Stay tuned for the winner of the giveaway and an extra special post about an
extraordinary runner I met at the 5K.


  1. Congratulations, Ash. You should be VERY proud of you! BTW, you are looking more fit and beautiful every time you post a pic. :)

  2. WooHoo! That's awesome, Ashley ... super inspiring!!

  3. What an awesome race! I'm so excited you finished your first 5K!

  4. That was a GREAT time! AND you placed second in your age division?? You go girl! I bet you were floating high as a kite that day! Good job!

  5. wow, SUPER-awesome time! you rock!