Thursday, December 18, 2014

Forced Break

Once I get in a regular groove again,  healthy eating, regularly running and lifting, and I'm forced to take a break, even for a few days, it totally messes with my head.

On Monday I wasn't quite in the mood to work out. But I forced myself out to the garage gym and busted out an upper body circuit. It felt good to have it done, even though it didn't get done until nearly 4pm.

Tuesday was a run day, but I spent the entire day with an upset stomach. Like bad. I was pretty sure I couldn't make it through a three mile run. So I rescheduled for Wednesday. Then I decided it was booze night! So I woke up Wednesday with a aching head, no energy, and a jacked up neck. I kept waiting around all day to see if the neck would resolve itself. But no go. I had this same type of pain right before Christmas last year and I suffered for a month before I got a cortisone shot that made it all better.

So if we are counting...that is two days of missed workouts. And its messing with my brain. I know rest is crucial especially where pain is involved, but I can't help but feel like I lose all the progress I have made when I have to take time off.

I'm gauging my neck carefully today. It feels better. Possibly okay enough to run, but probably not to do any shoulder presses. Or pushups. Even if I have to just go for a long walk today, it will be better than nothing.

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