Friday, December 26, 2014

Fitness Is The Best Gift

It was a very Merry Fitmas to me!

I scored new weights, new gym flooring, a roman bench/chair, an exercise ball, and a new chef's knife. All tools to help me along on my fitness journey. 2015 is it y'all!

Christmas dinner was nice and clean. Prime rib, brussel sprouts with bacon, mashed potatoes, and these gorgeous lobster tails. Maybe we got a little crazy with the butter, but hey, it is Christmas!

Today, post-Christmas booze fest, I got in a good workout and got to try out my new equipment. I focused on legs and abs and booty.

I am beyond excited about my Roman bench. It was one of my most missed pieces of equipment from when I went to the gym. The garage gym is growing. Pretty soon, my setup will be exactly what I want and need. Who needs a gym when you have a garage gym?

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