Sunday, November 21, 2010

Spa 10K Race Recap

 Let's get to the good stuff first.

The results: 71st woman out of 227 women runners
                   official chip time--- 57:57:59
                   9th in age division

This is officially my favorite race ever. Granted I've only run three races but this one rocked my running socks right off. The course was gorgeous, made even more so by the layer of fog. The event was well put together, and I met some personal goals. First, I did not take one walk break. Not one. I have walked at least once in both the 5Ks I have completed. Those were in the middle of summer and the heat was unbearable but this was something I knew I could do and had to do. Second I came in under an hour. Woohoo go me on my first 10K!

 Generic image of the area in Hot Springs that we were running. The course started at a convention center and wound through downtown and Bathhouse Row. Very historic, very beautiful. It then went through the National Park and up West Mountain. What goes up must come down, so after the descent down the mountain we ended up back in town where we started at.
Real photo I took in the direction where the mountain was supposed to be but you couldn't see it because of the fog.

Phyllis and I after getting our packets and getting super pumped about the race.

Me before racing, sporting the super cute race tee. I loved it so much I ditched my hoodie and ran in it. I had too, it totally matched my nailcolor! See proof below.

A few photos of the ascent up the mountain. We took these long after the race was over. Just picture this beautiful scene dotted with 500 or so runners.

Me on the mountain after the race. I totally killed these hills.

My birthday is next week. I got a new (to me) car from my husband, and race entry from my best running buddy Phyllis. I am one happy birthday girl.

Phyllis and I after the race. Adrenaline high? Yes. Yes please.


  1. Great race photos and way to kill it in the race! Also, *love* that your nails match your shirt :)

  2. Nails and shirt, LOL Only you.

    Congratulations, super job!

  3. very nice your nail polish..

    "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."
    -Oprah Winfrey ~spyder ski

  4. Way to go! Looks like a beautiful course!

  5. Awesome! (and p.s., you look FABULOUS!)