Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Every Damn Day

Please make way for a guest post on the joys (or not) of running. Lindy is a fabulously funny mother, blogger,  and occasional runner. Read more of her at Future Blackmail.

Some people are put in our lives for a reason and some people are put there, solely, to annoy the hell out of me. My husband falls into the latter category, as it pertains to running and possibly other topics that will go unmentioned in this post.

When I run, I max out at a 5K - possibly a 4 Miler if the weather is right and the planets are properly aligned. Also, I won't lie - I will run farther if Starbucks is the finish line because Starbucks is my dangling carrot, people. My husband though? He's one of those annoying runners. You know the kind...the kind that run because they want to.

Full Disclosure:
I love that he is a runner. Heck, running (and biking or *cycling* as they call it in the biz) decreased his body weight by over 120 lbs, three years ago. I know and have seen the effects that running can have on your body and your overall health, first hand. It’s worth it and I commend you all for caring enough about yourselves to do it.

How I Really Feel:
If I have to hear one more time – “I’m going to the gym, do you want to go?” I may have to leave him.

Yes, *of course* I want to go to the gym. But, you see, I have this other problem. Mainly - there is a direct correlation between him going to the gym with all the kids and me staying home without all the kids.

On the sliding scale of what is more awesome in that equation – I’m guessing you all can figure out which one tends to win out over the other.

That hasn’t, however, stopped me from buying the look of a runner - the running shoes/clothes/iPod/Nike+/etc/etc/etc. Because as a friend once told me, what’s the point of running – if you don’t look good running? It’s a sentiment I took to heart and also why I may refuse to run in any color except pink and black.

Speaking of running clothes, have you seen the Nike shirt that says “Every Damn Day.” on the front? Yeah – you can read that two ways. A formidable opponent and modern day go-getter would read it “Every! Damn! Day!” Someone such as myself would read it as “Every? Damn Day”.

What I love most about running though is that it also makes my husband’s flaws seem a little more obvious. Gone are the days of me wondering what he’ll do today that will piss me off. With running, I already know. He will leave his sweaty-ass clothes, in a pile, on the floor, for me to take care of. Or if I’m lucky, he’ll leave them balled up in the bathroom sink.

And do NOT get me started on the protein shakes. One of the happiest days of my life was when our blender broke and he couldn’t mix up his whey anymore.

Alas, who knew the devil made portable shakers?

Seriously. WHO? KNEW? Cause I call bullshit.

But….please don’t read this post and be all depressed about running and it’s awesome home-life side effects because, in fact, the exact opposite is true. I’m jealous of him and his ability to self-motivate. He doesn’t let anything stand in the way of his run. I can’t even say to him that his workout is taking away time from the family – because the truth of the matter is is that running, in my family, is a group effort. My two stepkids (middle and high school aged) both run Cross Country for their school teams and our daughter (at 7) just finished her first incremental full marathon.

He involves them – guides them – encourages them – motivates them – praises them.

And the fact is, is that I’m jealous.Because I want to be the person that reads that shirt as Every! Damn! Day! – just like he does.


  1. Hotness lost 120 lbs??? Holy cow!! And I'm off to buy that shirt. Cuz I work out HARD Every.Damn.Day!! ;)

  2. It's really cool that you are so into running as a family.

  3. My honey dropped 50+ running. I love that she enjoys running and I love that she was able to lose weight and get healthier running. I HATE running. I just can't stress that enough! I'm happy to be a cyclist or do my favorite Wii workout. So, I would wear that shirt proudly as "Every? Damn Day."
    Way to go Hotness on the 120lbs though!!!

  4. I wish someone else ran in my family.
    My hubby has had 6 knee surgerys and Lael is just plain lazy. Guess I'll have to motivate myself.