Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Okay so the absolute busyness and chaos continues. Let's get through a few quick bullet points, okay?

  • Outhouse race was crazy wild and fun. We were beat by the NYC Fire Department. Which was good in a way because they would have never lived it down. It was super close though. We gave them a good run.
  • 17 miles last week. Not bad.
  • I am falling in love with running hills. I actually look for them now. I might possibly be part mountain goat. Without the hair and the horns, and uh yeah the smell.
  • Still haven't signed up for the 10K in November. I must get on that.
  • Weight is holding steady. Calorie counting is pretty good most day. A few days a week I don't count but don't go crazy either.
  • The husband has run three whole days on the treadmill. Impressive!

We had a cool spell here in Arkansas that really made running a pleasure, but the past week its been pretty warm again. This morning it was super muggy and right on the verge of the sky breaking open. We didn't get lucky enough to get a shower during our 4.5 miles this morning, but it was still a good run.

I can tell my endurance has really improved and that will sure make a gal feel good! I've got a 6.5-7 mile run on the books this week along with another 4-5 miles. I'm really looking forward to every single mile!

Have a great week and HAPPY RUNNING!

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