Wednesday, August 25, 2010

*Virtual* Race Report!!!!

Hey y'all! Sorry blogging is light what with the working and the running and all the back to school brouhaha. (It's my favorite time of the year.)

Anyways, yesterday I ran 4 miles for........

MCM Mama's Birthday!

Actually it was 4.25 miles but I'll just give you the stats for the 4.0 miles.

Official Time:  38:27
Weather: HOT! 92 degrees with a slight breeze. High humidity.
Time: 8am
Course: 4 mile loop through Mena, AR
Competition: Phyllis

Thoughts: Felt good throughout the race. In fact, I kept forgetting I was supposed to be racing, hence the overall slow time. Phyllis just returned from an island vacation so we took a few walk breaks to accommodate and because it was just so damn HOT!

Sorry there are no pictures. I was not even close to being organized enough that particular morning to pull it all together.

Thanks MCM Mama for hosting a cool virtual race, congrats to all the finishers, and much love to all my fellow runners.

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