Monday, August 16, 2010

Tiny Motivation

Okay all you happy healthy runner folk, I'm back.

I pushed reset. Totally. Calories are being tracked, and I am happy with that.

Running has been good. No, actually great. I got in about 15 miles last week. Saturday, I had plans to run with a friend but that fell through. No worries though, I ended up taking my best girlfriend in the whole wide world.

She was super pumped and happy to go. I haven't taken her in the jog stroller since May and I forgot how much she enjoyed it. We did 3.1 miles in 30 minutes even. Much quicker than I used to be able to push her. It was hot! Let me tell you, it was HOT! I looked like I had just taken a fully clothed shower by the time we were done. I felt great though. I just looked like hell.

I really really enjoyed running with her and listening to her point out all the interesting bunnies and cars and her screaming Wheeeeeee! when we coasted down a hill.  I guess I will be kind of sad when daycare starts on Thursday and I have will have all this uninterrupted running time. Nah. Probably not.

After our run, and for her being such good company, we played at the park before picking up a Skinny Blended Vanilla Latte with protein powder for me and a chocolate milk and a scone for her. I have two coffee shops right in the neighborhood I run in and they are used to seeing me coming in so sweaty. On our way back, my sweet girl even tried her hand at toddler running. She looked so cute and focused in her tiny skirt and shoes. And her form was quite similar too mine. Maybe I have a new running partner to look forward too.


  1. that's where it starts-imitation.... Keep up the good work, glad to see you back on track.

  2. love that you can run with a jogging stroller - I don't know how you guys can do that! Great role model for your best little girl :)

  3. I really admire people that can run with a stroller. I've never been able to do that! I can barely move my own weight :D