Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Done and Done

Whew! I am glad that is over with.

I know some people absolutely hate to run on a treadmill. I'll admit I am not just overjoyed by the idea, but when the choice is either run on the treadmill or don't run at all, well its not that hard to pick.

Introducing: Fat Girl's New Training Buddy!

(I think she needs an actual name though. So I can be like, "oh I'm gonna go for a run with _____." Or, "_____ really kicked my butt today.")

This is what I did today. I was running intervals hence the overall slow time. I also wasn't being too specific about it. I would run at a 6.5 for 4 minutes then back down to a 5 for a couple minutes. Ramp it up again for a while and then slow my pace. It kept it fun and I only had to stop once to take the dog out, refill a sippy cup, and fix the TV for the babes.

Also, notice the calorie burn. Does anyone know how accurate this is? I always thought that a mile equaled roughly 100 calories.

No its not the nicest most expensive model, but it is new and it is MINE!

My view from up here. Not too shabby. There are advantages to having a small house. Also, this baby folds up nicely into this corner I've stuck it in.

I tend to watch my feet a lot. It keeps me from checking the numbers too often. I also like to check out my legs. I feel powerful and fit knowing that they are working so hard.

Post workout after a towel off. It was a good one.

How about you? Treadmill or no way in hell?


  1. I only use the treadmill when absolutely necessary. Not a huge fan

  2. I've done a lot of treadmill running. Right now, I am trying to do all my running outside. I think there's a place for both.

  3. Ughhh... I do not like the treadmill! They are only for days that are 15 below zero or colder. (We have run in temps that cold, lol!). I don't have one at home, so I have to go the gym. I sweat profusely and it is all together an embarrassing situation!

  4. For a lot of families, a treadmill is a necessary evil--it allows one to run w/o having to deal with childcare. For me, though, I am convinced time.stands.absolutely.still on a treadmill. It's not dubbed a "dreadmill" for nothin!

  5. Nope, not a treadmill person. And I have that nifty outdoor track for when the weather gets harsh so my need is minimal. Maybe if I had more knee/ankle pain I'd do some of my runs on one.

    Congrats on your new purchase!

  6. when I dont think I can get a solo outdoor run in, I'll head to the gym because it has daycare. I dont like the 'mill. But I think in the privacy of my own home, it wouldn't be so bad.

    great run! and yea, I think those things are notorious for being very generous in the 'calories burned' department. Maybe its a ploy by the treadmill company to encourage you! in general, 1mi = ~100 cals

  7. Treadmill only as a last resort. After training outside all winter long, I really got used to the fresh air. I'll use the 'mill if one of the kids is home sick from school or it's thundering and lightning outside, otherwise it's me and the sidewalk. And I really enjoy working up a big sweat in the hot weather, it makes me feel like I get all the" icks" out.