Monday, May 31, 2010

Hills & Heat. Holy Guacamole It's Hot Out!

Hello all!!!!!!

After my run this morning I officially logged 46.47 miles for the month of May. Yay me! That's the most miles I have ever run in a month. I'm getting there folks. Coincidentally I saw a tortoise (not really, probably just a box turtle) and a hare (common rabbit) side by side on the road Saturday. I wonder if they were racing?

Friday morning I ended up inadvertently doing hill repeats. I ran in an area unfamiliar too me and made two loops with a total of about 6 monster hills. I cut my run short at 2.5 miles deciding that those hills made up for the rest of my missed run. Do you ever talk yourself into things like that in the middle of a really tough workout?

Did I mention it was hot? That hill repeat run was done at about 9am and I was dying! This morning I ran about 7:30 and it was a bit better. I'm just going to have to get myself out of bed earlier if I want to beat the heat.

Since it feels like full on Summer here in Arkansas and the kids are out of school, I've had to find a new route to run closer to the house. I tried a good one out this morning. It has about 4 hills one way and of course that many the way back. I walked two of them and am not ashamed about it. It's a very nice road, shady and scenic with lots of livestock to interact with. I think I'm really going to enjoy it this summer. And once I conquer it with no walking at all on the hills I will be really proud.

Do you walk hills? Take breaks during your workout? How hot is it where you're at and what do you do to beat the heat?


  1. Lol on the turtle and the bunny! I love hills : )

  2. I have to say, I get bored running on flat ground. I like going up hills, b/c then you get to come down!