Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello There!

Welcome to the opening post of Run Fat Girl, Run! My intent with this little blog here is to chronicle the journey from un-fit to fit, track mileage and talk running, provide fitness and food tips, share recipes for healthy eating and maybe even throw in a giveaway or two.

This site spawned from the fact that I felt like I was talking about my fitness journey too much on my personal blog. I didn't feel like it was that interesting to my readers there but it was always on my mind and I always wanted to share. Now I have a place for this and look forward to joining the club of my favorite running bloggers, health bloggers, running mommy bloggers, and everyone who falls somewhere in between.

Please check out the pages at the top. I titled the about page Fat Girls Running because my good friend Dala completed Week 1 Day 1 this morning with me and I hope to convince her to co-author this blog so we have a perspective of just beginning a fitness journey and the perspective of succeeding and trying to maintain.

Until then...healthy eating & happy running.


  1. Down 40 lbs? You are my hero. Exactly where I'm at, what I'm trying to lose but I seem to be stuck in the 170s. I am an expert at losing and gaining the same 5 - 6 lbs. Hoping that marathon training and eating better (for running sake) has added weight benefits along the way.

  2. So excited to hear how you're doing! 40lbs is AMAZING! I have the same 10 lbs that won't go away... Running has been so off and on lately. Please write about sports bras, I had it all figured out and my size has changed and I'm not wanting to play trial and error!!

  3. EMA-Marathon training has got to be brutal. Major kudos to you and I know you will get to your happy place with your weight and health.

    Tori- Thanks! Although I don't see where you need to lose 10lbs cause you look great already. I will totally write about sports bras because I swear by a certain one for containing these monstrosities.

  4. Glad you decided to start up this's great to see "real" running & fitness tips. I also have the tendency to want to talk about that stuff on my blog, but generally keep it few & far between.

  5. ME! Im DALA! I did it. Day 2 in fact...was completed this a.m. and MY ASS is sore. and so are my legs...and I also found out that I had a heartbeat in my face today near the end of the exercise and I was kinda, slightly near vomiting too. Wonderful how working out can make me very aware of how much of a whiner/piss and moaner I am, not to mention out of shape. Gawd. Im going to work on that. Its not pleasant. My trainer..aka-Ashley, is pleasant though. She looks freaking amazing..and I..ME, I WANT my fabulous ass (pre-kids ass) back. Those two are the key factors here. Good company while I do this C25K and the glimmer of hope of having an awesome ass..again. Plus I guess its healthy and shit too... but mainly its for vanity purposes folks. No bull-shitting here.. at least not on this matter.