Monday, May 17, 2010

Confession #1

I love running.

But I hate running every step of the way. It's like this seriously whacked out relationship. I actually do something willingly, that I really don't want to do. And I feel like I'm doing it for someone else. Someone who is not me. I'm doing it for who I want to be.

See I know I've always lacked consistency and follow through. Oh and major lack of motivation. But I seem to have stuck with this torture because on the other hand, it makes you feel so good. And you know, it feels good to feel good. I really never imagined how much different I would feel. I feel light.

But sometimes, I really really dislike the act of running.

How about you?


  1. Very well said sometimes I feel the same way!

  2. I love running...after I'm DONE!

  3. It's a rollercoaster. Days or even weeks when running feels GOOD...each little step. I can't wait to get out the door and I come home feeling triumphant. Then days, or weeks, when it's torture. Torture to get out the door, torture to take each step, and coming home feeling like it was torture the whole way. And yet...I keep doing it, too! LOL

  4. Yes, exactly. Life always gets crazy and I figure it's a miserable act so I'll just skip it for a while. Then I'm not sleeping well, depressed and bloated. I just started running with a newbie runner, I had to turn down the intensity some, But it was a blast! I'm a talker so the run went by fast and relatively pain-free.

  5. I always hate the first 1.5 miles! It is very much a love/hate relationship.